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Greetings net spiders and e-stalkers to our brand new website! Notice that "new website smell". We here at Small and Nimble Records believe that you deserve the best pixels that money can buy, so we skipped a few meals, and here we are in our new cyber digs. If you are new to us, this is the way we have always lived, waiting in the void until you came to fulfill our purpose by witnessing us here. Please feel free to explore at your own pace, don't worry, I'll wait.

Just finished watching "You're Gonna Miss Me", a documentary on Roky Erickson, the pioneer of "psychedelic rock". A sad tale of a creative talent not thriving. I add it to a list of local musicians (Daniel Johnston, Townes Van Zant) who, despite great gifts and work, fared poorly in this big old world. I would be setting myself up to fail to suggest that I was in the same class musically as these icons, but I think that mythology is for teaching lessons and I do wish to learn.

Do you remember Icarus? Nice kid, in really good shape, his dad (Daedalus) made some wings out of wax and feathers and gave them to his son with a warning not to fly to close to the sun and melt the wings. But you know how kids are, so up he goes and the wax melts and now there is a body of water named after the kid cuz that's where he fell. Lovely story but the point is that the kid could have flown and not fallen if he had listened.

And I do want to fly. You do too, don't you? Of course you do, you love freedom. What could be freer than to 'Slip the bonds of gravity' and soar. It is this hunger for release that we hunt for in sex, drugs, sports, money, power and "Hallelujah" in music.

Guy Forsyth

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