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We are heading North on I-55 on the way to Chicago in a light rain. Ian is our wheel man for the drive, Ry Cooder and Ali Farke Toure talk Timbuktu on the iPod and Willy and Nina sleep in the back. the windshield wipers come in and out of time to the music and I balance my laptop on my thighs and reach out to your computer monitor. Hi, from the American music highway.

Rob Hooper is taking a break from the Trio and we welcome back Nina "The Crusha" Singh to the drum stool. I played with her for a couple of years back just after the turn of the century and she helped write a number of the songs from Love Songs: For and Agains so it is a fine feeling of coming home to play with her again. The summer tour season is coming to a close and I am excited to get to wait under the song tree at home for new stories to sing. I wonder if I will be able to hear anything at all over the din of the elections.

It is important to listen, of course. But it is equally important to keep your own center when being exposed to so many people's attempts to control your responses through the media. Everyone has an agenda, and everyone will be trying to guess what the right thing to say will be to get you to vote the way that they want you to. That's our system; a better one has not been devised that I know of, but if you hear of one, do tell.

So, as we descend into the maelstrom, keep your ears open to all news, but take everything with a grain of salt. Lots of things will be said, some might even be true, but don't trust anyone to do your homework for you. As an American, your system only works as well as you do. I hope we all do our best work this winter.

Of course, a real maelstrom, hurricane Ike is coming ashore at Galveston even as I type this. Le (my wife, a middle school theatre teacher) says they let school out at 1pm in Austin because of the wave of traffic coming into town from the coast. Everyone in the van has been calling home to check up on anyone in the path; it looks like it's gonna be a badone. I wish I was home so I could do something to help,maybe go and round up a few players to go to one of the shelters and sing for the folks who have left so much behind. I hope everyone can reach out to those in need. that is what this country is for, helping our neighbors. Good luck to all of us.

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