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Tonight I had the pleasure of being at the Lone Star Music Awards down at Gruene Hall, Texas music Mecca. I was up for an award but the talent spilling out from the different categories was thick and hungry; it was good to be in that crowd.

In the Austin Music Awards that kick off SXSW (South by Southwest if you're not from around here) I didn't win, but placed in ELEVEN categories, and that feels better than a single win. Thanks to everyone who voted no matter who you voted for.

I heard recently that Texas has the most independent music in the country and I don't doubt it. Lots of wide open spaces, border influence and "I can do it myself, thank you very much" makes for the most interesting storied sonic frontier that I have found in this wonderfully diverse world and I am glad to have found a place here to stand.

Both Rob Hooper and Will Landin placed in the Drums and Bass categories in the Austin Music Awards, and we have been hard at work with new songs and arrangements. We are experimenting on unsuspecting audiences already, come on out and let us know what you think!

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