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TV Talent Shows

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I take it all back about TV talent shows.


The music that changed my life was not on the radio, I found it in the public library. It was old American Blues men, recording songs that made no one rich in the pocket, but made you strong in the heart. Music can and does save lives and build worlds, but if you want to play or sing you have to listen first, and find what matters to you.

Music is used for many things today: selling trucks, pacifying people left on telephone hold, mandating a party atmosphere, promising cool for everything in media, but too much it's used like incense burned in a  ripe cat box. It is more than this. Music is old magic, the styles change, but the song remains the same. 

There are lots of ways to make music. At the end, in the mind behind the ear, behind the air, behind the speaker, behind the wire, the string, the finger, is the mind. This is far more naked than language. If you listen you can tell when someone is really playing, and find connection with him or her. You have to want it, and "it" has to be there... but you can find what you are looking for, what we all are looking for.

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