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Summer is here

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Summer is here. After much pussyfooting around, Texas has unleashed her hot breath, the grass and trees grow like sprinters till the water runs out and everything burns to a crisp. Insects sing ballads that recount their short lives as they are eating and screwing and making way for the next, bigger generation of bugs. Austin crowds around familiar swimming holes like Barton Springs while air conditioners whine everywhere. A good time to get out of town and so we are! In just two weeks we hit the road and head north and east to bring the music. Will you meet us there?

Old and New

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This last week was one of those weeks that I will hold close and finger in my pocket. The Kerrville Folk-festival is in full swing as I write this, and If you like a good song try to get there before it closes. Try to spend the night, as the real stuff goes down at the campfire scene. I saw The Fireants play together with The Belleville Outfit on a bill with The Limelighters. I had Limelighters records that belonged to my Mom and Dad and The Fireants performed before us at their own high school graduation party. I guess I'm middle aged, and it's nice to see long story arcs and great starts.  I can use it, been a hard time around here with the passing of Steven Bruton, who remains one of Texas's Best.  He was someone who I have long admired and heard his guitar playing before I ever knew his name. He also almost knocked me out with a "breakaway" 2X4 that failed to break away while filming a fight for a TV show.  He was a good man who set a high bar.

Last Thursday we scored The General at the Paramount and sold it out, just about the most fun I have ever had. If you missed it, we are already looking at touring the show, I will let you know. I had the dream team, Will and Rob with Oliver Steck, John Doyle and Wammo and it seemed like we could do no wrong. The Paramount was shining like the Grand Dame she is, I am in love.

What can we get into next?

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