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Blogging at 1:13 AM

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We just left Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio. It is 1:13 AM. Ian is at the wheel for the drive back to Austin. I am stretched out as much as one can on the bench seat of Skeletour, our Ford van, shirt still wet with sweat from a wondrous gig filled with inspiration and transcendent grit.

Only a few hours to run home and grab a few hours of sleep and a shower before I am up at 7 AM to be on TV to talk about Pocket Full of Soul, a documentary about harmonicas and the people who love them. I was interviewed for the film and if you like what I do you will really enjoy it. It was made with love of music. And love of music is what I am here to talk about. Sometimes I forget, and the little pains fill my head, the day to day drudgery of busy work and station keeping cloud my eyes. But all that is the illusion, the reality is music is humans at their best, beauty for beauty's sake shared. It doesn't matter what type, or even how well it's done, what matters is the joy and intent of sharing what it is that we find good with others. I'm glad to be able to play for people, and I hope that I always feel this way.

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The reviews are in

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Hi everyone out there pounding away at your keybords or wearing your thumbs down to nubs, take a moment and consider just how advanced our technology has become. Below is a review we revived for a show we performed early on our Euro tour ( we are almost done, just 2 gigs to go...) that was published in Dutch but here, thanks to the miracle of the Internet (and free translator bots, I used babelfish on Yahoo) here it is in plain old English.

"It Guy Forsyth to heavy wrong would strike as to define him as bluesmuzikant, because he is much more than that. In trade grant he proves a number performer to be, virtuoso a guitarist, a fantastic harmonica player, excelling an warbler and a darned fine entertainer. Furthermore also seen who never someone obtains such a beautiful consonances with a bow from a saw (jawel, a saw).

Its music has deeply rooted in the American south (the man is of Texas) but steps meermaals outside the paths of the blues. Forsyth play also rock, gospel, hillbilly, Americana and New Orleans style jazz.

A mix of styles poured in strong songs flatlied refuse in which Forsyth deal playfully with all instruments, and not in lowest with its powerful voice. What he here vocal performs weinigen have been given, he sings high, low, sometimes loepzuiver and sometimes raw as straight Tom Waits. To be link members, verduiveld announce strongly drumming drummer and a bass player who is regulated bass jet ear for a heuse tuba, complete him perfectly.

In the States plays Guy Forsyth dare themselves action already once with a larger link, but all take along those guests on tour cost money. Comes sporadically there in Ghent thus on voorhand taken jet ear rhythm at adapt. Forsyth are possible, however, with all instruments particular well along, but this also not at the same time. He cannot work magic, also already have you, however, at moments this way the impression.

The nice set in Ghent trade grant lasts longer than two hours, but the sound is this way rich and varied that this no second palls. The two hours are thus in hop beyond. A miraculous concert of extremely committed instrumentalist and a couple always sympathetic guys. To finish with a stereotype, the absentees have again unequal, and that is there a lot because the rise is vanavond in Ghent on the thin side. That is then zowat the only vermeldenswaardige negative note of the evening." Knappe set van een onderschat muzikant, performer en entertainer Geschreven door Sam De Rijcke Saturday 26 September 2009
It's quiet here by the open window, just the familiar sound of wheels and gears on a suspension bridge that can be seen through the trees. Rob stirs first and I woke to hear him rummaging around in the kitchen for coffee. We are staying at a guesthouse/apartment outside of Fredericia, Denmark, a clean, friendly space that has a coke and candy machine that dispenses beer as well as cough drops. If this was Holland perhaps there would be hash joints in it as well, but has several different rooms, two toilets and a nice shower as well as the Internet that I send this out on so it is a fine place for a band to spend the night.

This is the end run of our Euro tour that fell right on the heels of a Midwest tour so we have been gone most of this month and we are starting to show it. All of us miss home and the ones we love and even as the band gets tighter and tighter we seem to be getting tired of the wonder of travel, hotels and convenience stores having an underlying similarity all over the world. Still, I grew up in a family in the travel business and very early on discovered my love of seeing the world. I have joked from stage that one of the best things about being a traveling musician is getting to travel and I think that is true. How else could someone get to see so many sides of the world from behind closed doors? Doors that open in response to the music are often doors that money will not budge, at least not the type of money I've seen. If the music is there, people will be very open with the musicians, and we have been entertained with some capital dinners and witnessed some awesome vistas. Here are some snapshots of our trip in Belgium, Holland and Denmark.

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