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Hi everyone out there pounding away at your keybords or wearing your thumbs down to nubs, take a moment and consider just how advanced our technology has become. Below is a review we revived for a show we performed early on our Euro tour ( we are almost done, just 2 gigs to go...) that was published in Dutch but here, thanks to the miracle of the Internet (and free translator bots, I used babelfish on Yahoo) here it is in plain old English.

"It Guy Forsyth to heavy wrong would strike as to define him as bluesmuzikant, because he is much more than that. In trade grant he proves a number performer to be, virtuoso a guitarist, a fantastic harmonica player, excelling an warbler and a darned fine entertainer. Furthermore also seen who never someone obtains such a beautiful consonances with a bow from a saw (jawel, a saw).

Its music has deeply rooted in the American south (the man is of Texas) but steps meermaals outside the paths of the blues. Forsyth play also rock, gospel, hillbilly, Americana and New Orleans style jazz.

A mix of styles poured in strong songs flatlied refuse in which Forsyth deal playfully with all instruments, and not in lowest with its powerful voice. What he here vocal performs weinigen have been given, he sings high, low, sometimes loepzuiver and sometimes raw as straight Tom Waits. To be link members, verduiveld announce strongly drumming drummer and a bass player who is regulated bass jet ear for a heuse tuba, complete him perfectly.

In the States plays Guy Forsyth dare themselves action already once with a larger link, but all take along those guests on tour cost money. Comes sporadically there in Ghent thus on voorhand taken jet ear rhythm at adapt. Forsyth are possible, however, with all instruments particular well along, but this also not at the same time. He cannot work magic, also already have you, however, at moments this way the impression.

The nice set in Ghent trade grant lasts longer than two hours, but the sound is this way rich and varied that this no second palls. The two hours are thus in hop beyond. A miraculous concert of extremely committed instrumentalist and a couple always sympathetic guys. To finish with a stereotype, the absentees have again unequal, and that is there a lot because the rise is vanavond in Ghent on the thin side. That is then zowat the only vermeldenswaardige negative note of the evening." Knappe set van een onderschat muzikant, performer en entertainer Geschreven door Sam De Rijcke Saturday 26 September 2009

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