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Friday night the band played Lola's in Ft. Worth, a sure fire good time. It was the first time we played the cool club down on FW's 6th street, but the room was filled with friendly (if a bit bleary) faces. After the show we packed up quickly and drove off with dreams of the Czech Stop in our heads. We planned for a quick return to Austin where we were to play the Saxon Pub on Saturday, but we all smelled gasoline. When I pulled our noble Econoline Skeletour over and jumped out gas was spurting from underneath. I shut her down and we all spilled out into the street wondering what was to be done.

Luck was with us and good Samaritans materialized all around us. One, Derek (see picture), found the problem fast and even though he was winding up a night out with his cousin Wade, he said he would get the parts needed when the shop opened at 8 and come back to fix the leak. And that's just what he did, standing in the sun with grease up to his elbows and a smile on his face. He said he had a bridal shower to go to with his girl at noon, but when we went inside the repair shop, whose parking lot we were using to wash our hands, he stopped and helped fix a truck's power steering. My God, how can this man cross town? When I asked what I could do to pay him he just shrugged and said help somebody else down the line. I don't know the last time I have been so gifted and humbled at the same time. So, if you see this man, buy him a drink, or a meal, or perhaps put up a statue of him in the park. Or better yet, take his own word and take a moment to help someone who needs it. God Bless Texas and the Folks who keep her strong.

Why can't we all just get along?


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