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I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. I am in Germany, riding backwards on an international train to Hengalo, Holland to see Dr. Sjef Willieman, one of my oldest friends in Europe and more than any other the man responsible for my international Career.

I first met Sjef (Jeff, to his friends from the States) late one night in 1993 at Joe's Generic Bar down on Sixth Street, where he heard the band play. Sjef is an amazing man, a medical doctor who maintained a family practice, volunteered at a methadone clinic, a blues radio DJ (Doc Ozone!), father of half a football team, and record producer. He founded a record label (Lizard Disk) with his partners and put out a live CD called "High Temperature", a filthy, vicious recording of the band sweating out toxins as fast as we could pump them back in. At that time the band was Keith Bradly, guitar, Rob Douglas, bass, and Rich Chilleri on drums, and on that night the band played for 5.5 hours as we could not get enough. Sjef took that recording and banged on doors all over Holland, unafraid to stand on any coffee table anywhere and give a stump speech for the band. Almost twenty years in the music business and I never met anyone who did a better job making something happen.

I love traveling by train. I wish I could sling a guitar on my shoulder and take a fast train up to Dallas! This so kicks the spleen out of I-35, now if only they had kolaches in the dining car... I wonder if the US will ever catch up to Europe and Asia when it comes to train travel? The East Coast is ok but I have spent too much of my life in traffic on highways to believe in the mystique of the car. Sure, restore that old Mercury, polish that fender till it incandesces, have sex in the back seat and never touch the doors, but don't imagine you will be buzzing along with the wind in your hair because what you get is car butt fumes and three and a half hours of deciphering bumper stickers. What Would Chuck Berry Say?

I will be back home in the arms of my wife and daughter in 2.5 days, but then back to work finishing up the DVD!  It's a live show we filmed last summer with Rob Hooper on drums/Cajon and Willy Landin on bass/tuba/trombone up in Waco on the banks of the river. I have been asked to make a DVD for years, so here it comes!

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