Stripped down Guitar, Bass and Drums, the rock-n-roll power trio is a format that has been explored almost as much as teenage angst and the lure of the open road. Come on, Kid, what do YOU have to say?

     It turns out that Guy Forsyth has a whole lot to say, even without the support of a big touring band, as his masterful married team of musical ninjas, Jeff and Nina Botta, match Forsyth turn for turn. Guy switches from acoustic guitar to ukulele, now electric slide, then harmonica, then saw.  Guys songwriting snakes down the Americana river, but seldom swims in the same place twice. Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country, Gospel, Rock and Roll, all swirll there.  That makes for an entertaining show, even with simple fare. But the songs are gems, and the occasional covers are like lost treasures brought back to the light but Guy takes most advantage of this setting to highlight his singer songwriter roots all wrapped in the rich vocal harmonies provided by the Bottas.